August 2012

Stay Fit During the Back-to-School Madness Staying fit and sticking with your workouts during back-to-school chaos may seem impossible. With the shopping for school supplies, registering at a new school or dealing with upset kids who don’t want summer to end, exercise may not be a priority. However, instead of waiting for the perfect time to exercise, why not start now? Getting exercise firmly established makes it easier to stick with it for the long term. Any parent knows that planning and preparation can make the difference between order and complete chaos. Giving exercise that same kind of effort can help you make it happen. Planning and preparation means nothing if you aren’t motivated to exercise. Finding motivation is simpler than you think, especially if you realize that there are many good reasons to exercise. Plus, there are some other ways you can encourage yourself to stick with your workout. Whatever you do, don’t wait until later to get back to your exercise routine. The longer you wait, the harder it gets and the more you get used to life without it. Make a commitment and do something today. It’s never too late to get started! Source: What’s in season! Purchasing seasonal foods is a healthy and cost effective way to approach food shopping. Grocery stores tend to stock up on these items in bulk because they are plentiful, making them less expensive for you—especially when they go on sale. So at the beginning of each month, research which seasonal foods should be on your grocery list—making