December 2012

Fitting in Fitness Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, chances are, you’ll be spending time eating and drinking with friends and family throughout this week. Before you blow off your fitness routine until the new year, here are some ways to find time to exercise over the holidays. Running Doesn’t always have to be in a gym. If you can’t manage to squeeze it in during your working week, why not head out at the weekend? On a crisp, fresh morning, there is nothing more exhilarating than being in the outdoors. Walking Going for a walk on Christmas Day is a great way to work off those little indulgences, and it’s a great way to get the family off the couch and out in the fresh winter air. Exercising at home It’s highly likely that you’ve got a workout video tucked away in your collection, a pair of dumbbells under your bed, or a jump rope neatly tied in a drawer. Dust them off and get them out, it’s easier than you think to fit in some exercise in the comfort of your own home. Dance fever There’s plenty of boogieing to be done over the festive season, so get on the dance floor early and show everyone what you’re made of. Not only will you be earning yourself some activity PointsPlus™ values, but more dancing means less nibbling and drinking! Ice skating It’s great fun and a fantastic all-around workout. You can go with your friends for a fun day out, or make it a romantic occasion with a loved one. Look

November 2012

Make sure to check us out on Foursquare and Google Plus! Check in to be mayor and read about useful tips and updates. Fit Fitness into a Frantic Schedule You know you should be exercising regularly, for your health and your body shape, but you just can’t seem to find the time to do it. We’ve got some quick tips on how you can incorporate exercise into your everyday routine. And we’ve got bigger ideas for helping you make fitness a permanent part your life. 1. Buy arm weights for your home. Arm weights can be used while you’re watching TV or talking on the phone. Start with 8-pound weights and do three sets of 15 bicep curls each day. After two months, graduate to 12- or 15-pound weights, and add another exercise to your repertoire. Check out our How-To Exercises for more ideas. 2. Buy a fitness video A 15-minute aerobic routine is an excellent, quick way to bring cardio into your life. Or if Pilates is more your style, invest in a Pilates video instead. Either way, whether your fitness style is high-impact aerobics or intense yoga, there are lots of great fitness videos that you can use in your own home. 3. Use your lunch hour wisely. A brisk 20-minute walk during your lunch hour is a great fitness solution, especially if you can do it three or four times each week. 4. Take 15 in the morning Wake up 15 minutes earlier and do a quick aerobic video routine. 5. Take 15 at