Surrey City Ready to Get Fit

The revitalization of the Central City area in the city of Surrey continues. With SFU headquarters there, city hall coming soon and a zoo of construction all around – this will be the city’s next downtown core. This week Central City mall opened the doors to it’s newest addition – Trevor Linden’s Club 16 and Chuck Lawson’s She’s Fit 20,000 square feet fitness facility. With it’s own entrance and escalator to rooftop parking – this massive playground for fitness fanatics took months to build and features a heavty investment of top of the line equipment. Tuesday afternoon was the official VIP opening with the city mayor and special guests who came for the ribbon cutting. Those who had already pre registered for the gym lined up for their chance to meet the hockey legend’s whose name is behind their new gym. For more than three hours – hundreds came to check out the facility. Today and tomorrow from noon until 8pm – the doors will be open to the public and registration in full swing. Trevor Linden and Chuck Lawson, along with their entire team, will be on site to meet local residents. Trevor Linden said in a statement that their promise is “At Club 16 – Trevor Linden Fitness we are genuinely committed to making your fitness fun. It matters to us that you are accepted, respected, and, above all, not judged. A non-intimidating atmosphere where anyone and everyone can feel comfortable and make the desired lifestyle changes, inside and out.” More than 100 cardio

Music, Mind & Fitness

It is well known that listening to music has a profound impact on the human body. Relaxing music benefits your body by reducing stress. Finding a tune that makes you comfortable decreases your blood pressure and calms your body by lowering your heart rate. According to a study published in the journal Heart, music tempo affects heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure and can be manipulated to encourage both arousal and relaxation. A 2011, Canadian study published in Nature Neuroscience, has shown that plugging into your favorite music could help melt away a bad mood. Researchers at McGill University in Montreal showed that listening to pleasurable music of any description induced ‘musical chills’, which triggered the release of the feel-good chemical dopamine. A study at Brunel University in West London has shown that music can help increase endurance by as much as 15 per cent; helping to lower the perception of effort during exercise, as well as increasing energy efficiency by between one and three percent. The best choices for exercise are up-beat songs that match the tempo of your running stride and, which can enable you to run for longer. Did you know? “I Gotta Feeling”, by The Black Eyed Peas, is Apple’s most-downloaded iTunes songs of all time. As of June 2012, it has sold over 8 million downloads in the US alone. This also makes it the highest selling digital, as well as non-charity, single in the US ever.  

January 2013

Time to make those New Year’s resolutions! And after the holiday glut of heavy feasts and high calorie beverages, it’s no surprise that “lose weight” and “eat better” are at the top of your list. Instead of simply making your diet-related resolutions with the best of intentions, put the following diet tips into practice and stick to your New Year’s resolutions all year.