Member Testimonials by Lee W. from She’s FIT! White Rock

"I have been coming to She's Fit in South Surrey since the fall and I love it! It is clean, there is tons of space, and the women who work out there are really friendly and always willing to share workout tips." - Lee W. from She's FIT! White Rock We want to acknowledge Lee and say that we are so pleased we can provide an environment in which members can excel and feel welcome. Best of luck in your health and fitness goals, Lee!

Langley School District Foundation

The Giving Exercise Langley students don’t have to go very far to live up to their fitness resolutions, thanks to CLUB 16 and SHE’S FIT!. With a donation of more than $40,000 worth of state-of-the-art fitness equipment, including bike machines, ellipticals, weights, treadmills and much more, all the middle and secondary schools in the district are outfitted like professional gyms.· For more on Langley School District Foundation, please visit  

Spinach extract curbs appetite

It looks like spinach has more super powers! See what a study done at Lund University showed about the benefits of spinach extract. Green leafy vegetables: more articles Thylakoid, a compound hidden away in spinach and other green leaves, slows down food digestion and therefore makes us feel fuller, according to research at Lund University in Sweden. A spinach extract high in thylakoids triggered a release of satiety hormones in the intestine, the researchers found. Eating spinach isn’t enough, however. It has to be crushed, filtrated and centrifuged, freeing the thylakoids from the plant’s cells, since our bodies can’t break it down from fresh spinach directly. The final product, a natural water extract, is different from many plant-based extracts that use organic solvents. Thylakoids are believed to slow down fat digestion, meaning the whole intestine has time to get involved. Once food enters the distal intestine, satiety hormones are released andsent up to the brain, telling us we are full. Modern, processed foods tend to only utilize the upper intestine, so the key hormones are not released. “I like to say our intestines are unemployed”, says Professor Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson at Lund University, the researcher behind the findings. Professor Erlanson-Albertsson knew that if she found a way to slow down fat digestion, she could put our intestines back to work. Since she only dealt with synthetic molecules, she asked her husband, a scientist researching the photosynthesis, if there was a natural molecule that could trigger satiety. He steered her in the direction of thylakoids in green

Member Testimonials by Laura B.

"Thank you for opening up a gym that I can afford to pay for... being a single mother of four is not easy. I appreciate it and now I can focus on myself and getting healthy." - Laura B. We just wanted to acknowledge Laura and say that we are very happy to be able to offer affordable rates, and wish her luck on her health and fitness goals! Thanks Laura!