Get and stay fit to reduce the risk of cancer

In honor of Worldwide Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have a few words about how and why getting and staying fit is so critical to preventing cancer—and fighting it, too. Here are the details concerning how exercise impacts your cancer risk, how the body fights cancer, and which exercises are best in the fight against this deadly killer. The link between exercise and cancer Researchers have proven that there is a link between regular exercise and a lower risk for breast cancer—both first time diagnoses and recurring breast cancer. Exercise also reduces your risk of other cancers, including colon cancer, lung cancer, and uterine cancer. That's why the Canadian Cancer Society and most doctors recommend that all women, including those who have already received a breast cancer diagnosis, exercise regularly. For most healthy women that means working out at a moderate intensity level for between four to six hours each week. Doctors have also discovered that it's important to keep on exercising in order to reap these cancer prevention benefits. This is true across the board among women of different races, sizes, and ages. In other words, once you stop your commitment to staying fit, you cease to enjoy those amazing health and risk-reducing benefits.   Exercise makes traditional cancer treatments and prevention strategies more effective Maintaining a healthy weight helps in the fight against breast cancer. People with BMIs over 25 have a higher risk of first time diagnoses of breast cancer, and also of recurrences of breast cancer. This is because fat cells make and