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The 5 Best and Most Simple Workouts For A Beautiful Butt

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Many women have a common goal in mind when they hit the gym: working out your glutes does more than just add a pleasant roundness to your derriere, though. Strong glutes improve your overall performance at the gym. You’ll be able to lift heavier weights, cycle harder and run faster if the largest muscle in the body, the gluteus maximus is nice and strong.

1. Squats with Dumbbells

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Squat repetitions is one of the simplest yet most effective butt workouts out there. Squats are simple, yet powerful moves, and holding dumbbells while squatting simply adds more power to your squat, giving your butt the workout it deserves with guaranteed results. Here’s how you do it:

·         Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with an 8 to 12 pound dumbbell in each hand at the sides of your thighs

·         Slowly squat down as if you are going to sit in a chair, keeping your chest up, your weight in your heels and your knees behind your toes. Lift dumbbells up for an added arm workout, or keep them by your thighs at your side – either way, the addition of dumbbells makes your glutes work harder.

·         Squeeze your glutes as you return to standing position

·         Do 25 reps a total of 2-5 times.

2. Walking Lunges with Dumbbells


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This incredibly simple move will work out all of your butt muscles, and is highly effective in the derriere-enhancing department. Here’s how you do it:

·         Find a corner of the gym that has enough space for you to take about 10 big steps in each direction

·         Start in a standing position with feet together, holding 8 to 12 pound dumbbells at your side

·         Starting with your right foot, take a wide step forward as you bend your knees and lower your body into a lunge position. Hold.

·         Now take your left foot forward into a wide step, bending your knees into a lunge position. Hold.

·         Repeat this move as you step forward each time in a walking lunge.

·         Focus on holding for a few seconds in the lunge position for each step, tightening your core, and move slowly – not quickly.

3. Kneeling Kickback

donkey kicks
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Commonly referred to as “donkey kicks” these simple moves target your glutes and help lift your buns for a perkier butt. Here’s how to do it:

·         Start by grabbing at mat and kneeling on all fours, hands under shoulders and hips in line with the knees

·         First, do 20 reps with the right leg by flexing your right foot and keeping your black flat, lifting your right knee up so that your thigh is now parallel to the ground. Think of it as kicking up with your heel and squeeze your glutes at the same time

·         Now do 20 reps on the left leg. Repeat 3-5 times. (To add difficulty, try this exercise with a resistance band tied to your foot, held tightly in your hand as you perform your reps. This adds resistance and works out your butt even harder!)

4. Bridge Lift

bridge lift
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This is another simple move known to help lift up the butt for desired roundness, and strengthen the gluteus maximus. Here’s how to do it:

·         Lie on your mat, on your back, with knees bent. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and firmly planted on the ground.

·         Lift your hips up and push up with your heels, keeping your back straight.

·         With hips lifted, squeeze your glutes and hold for 5-10 seconds, as if you’ve got a lottery ticket being held between your butt cheeks. Slowly go back to starting position.

·         Repeat 25 reps 3-5 times. (To add difficulty, try one leg at a time).

5. Standing Leg Lift

standing leg lift

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This exercise is the perfect exercise that combines both simplicity and results, working your glutes and hamstrings. It can be performed either at home or at a gym such as She’s Fit. Here’s how to do it:

·         Make sure you are near a wall or have a chair nearby to brace yourself while you perform this exercise

·         Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, grabbing the top of a chair’s back or something similar to balance yourself.

·         Lift and raise one leg behind you, keeping your standing leg straight. The leg that is being lifted and raised in a backwards motion behind you will be working the butt muscles on that side. Ensure you are simultaneously squeezing your glute muscles.  Bring the raised leg back to standing position, then raise it again. Repeat for 20 reps.

·         After repeating 20 reps on the right leg, and then do 20 reps on the left leg. Repeat 3-5 times.  (For added difficulty, tie a resistance band to your working leg at the ankle, and hold the band tightly by stepping on the opposite end of the band with your standing leg).