The 9 Best Exercises To Do At Work

A recent study has confirmed that sitting for an extended period of time is bad for your health. Pennington Biomedical Research Center research revealed that there was a higher risk of mortality across all boards the less active you were throughout the day. Further research states that making up for your lack of activity at a different time doesn’t necessarily help lower the health risks. Luckily there are plenty of preventive physical exercises you can do to be more active throughout the work day, improving both your fitness levels and heart health. We’ve compiled the nine most useful exercises you can try at work to ease soreness and pain. Even performing a few of these throughout the day will help energize your body and leave you feeling more focused and productive.


gty_exercise_walking_up_stairs_thg_130123_wblog Take the Stairs This is the easiest solution for a quick cardio workout. If you usually ride the elevator at work, take the stairs next time. Run up and down a few flights of stairs at lunch time. If your office is only a few floors up, try taking the stairs two at a time to make up for the fewer steps. Jog in place If you don’t have stairs at your office, jogging in place is a great alternative. It might feel a little weird to do, but a stationary jog is just as effective in getting your heart pumping as running up the stairs. Jumping jacks After sitting rigid at a desk for hours, jumping jacks are a great way to improve blood circulation. A set of 30 jumping jacks will instantly loosen up stiff muscles.


cheststretch-300x225 Roll your shoulders To ease neck pain, simply roll the shoulders back until the shoulder blades are pinched together. Hold for 10 seconds then repeat for 12-15 reps. The wall push up A slight twist on the classic floor push up. We doubt you want to place your hands on your office’s grimy floor so perform a pushup against a wall instead! Push ups work not only your arms but your chest as well. Standing a couple feet away, place your palms against the wall. Your hands should be just a little more than shoulder-width apart as you bend your arms toward the wall. Repeat 15 times. Doorway stretch Stand in a doorway and place one arm and elbow on each side of the door frame at a 90 degree angle. Take a step forward in order to stretch your muscles. You can stretch out different muscles by raising or lowering your arms. Hold this pose for 30 seconds then repeat 2-3 times.


Curl Chair posture The way you sit in your chair at work is very important in strengthening your core and preventing back pain. You should always sit in the 90-90-90 position. This means having your feet, hips and arms firmly planted at a 90 degree angle to the floor. The position will help maintain proper curvature of your back. Bicep curl Who says you can’t perform a bicep curl at work? Sure, you may not have your dumbbells in the office but finding a replacement weight is easy. Water bottle, binder, weighty stapler…as long as the object has some weight behind it, it’ll do the trick. Bend your elbow and curl your arm up towards your chest. Lower them back to the starting position. Complete 12-15 reps on each arm. Lateral raises Don’t put away that water bottle just yet! We recommend doing lateral raises to strengthen your triceps and forearms. To begin, sit with your back straight and your shoulders back. With your arms hanging by your sides, bend your elbows slightly and then raise your arms directly to shoulder height. Steadily lower your arms back down and then repeat, for a total of 15 reps.   A little can go a long way in preventing future joint pain and general health problems. By regularly performing these exercises at work, you’ll build a strong core, relief muscle soreness and maintain a healthy heart rate. Try them out at work today!a>