Important Notice Burquitlam Members

We regret to inform you that as of Friday, August 28, 2015, at 8:00PM we will no longer be able to continue to operate the She’s FIT! Burquitlam. There was ongoing Evergreen Line construction in the area making it difficult to conduct business in this location and as a result the building was sold and we are no longer able to provide a fitness club services at this location. All members enrolled at the Burquitlam location have been notified of this change by letter. In an effort to avoid any disruptions to our members’ fitness commitments, we have made arrangements to honour and transfers all our She’s FIT! Burquitlam members to Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness location with a complete She’s FIT! at 2635 Barnett Highway in Coquitlam. This transfer is available at no cost to all Burquitlam members.

Top Dieting Trends for 2015

Sick of hearing about paleo and coconut oil? Feel free to change gears, because it's 2015 and there's a whole new crop of stuff that you're supposed to try if you want to lose weight, get fit, and experience your healthiest self. The real trick is balancing the trends with your own tastes, needs, lifestyle, and options: which ones do you think sound viable for you? Superfoods Still Going Strong It's hardly surprising, but dietitians and other nutrition experts say that superfoods are going to stay popular in 2015. Nuts, seeds, avocado, Greek yogurt, kale, and coconut products have been the top dogs of the superfood world and they are going to maintain their popularity. Antioxidants The health benefits of antioxidants will continue to keep them among the top choices for healthful eating, including for weight-loss. This is especially true of green tea and açai berry. Old School If you're sick of hearing about low-grain diets, good news: ancient grains like amaranth, freekah, quinoa, and spelt are making a comeback. The Skinny On Fat “Low-fat” diets aren't going to be the focus for many in 2015. What will matter for more people is focusing on what kinds of fats they are eating. Most nutrition experts agree that mono- and polyunsaturated fats are more healthful than saturated fats, and consumers are paying attention. What's In There? Label reading is becoming more common, in part because more people care about the issue of GMO foods, and there is considerable overlap between those who are concerned by GMOs and those who eat

Walk the Talk!

WE DID IT!!! Over the past summer our Club 16 and She's FIT! staff have participated in a fun summer contest, "Walk the Talk"! Every week ballots would be put in the draw according to how often a staff member went and had a work out. A BIG thanks to everyone who participated in this contest. You all did so well, and we are very pleased with the turnout! Hopefully, you had a good time getting yourself into the gym, whether it be on your own or with friends. The intention of this fun summer contest was to spread & encourage fitness from within our company out to our members to show that we value health and fitness in our lives as well. Let’s all continue on this road to good health, contest or no contest! Good work everyone! Congratulations to our winners and everyone who participated! Until next year…