Exercise Programming

She’s Fit! Speed Zone

This circuit training program combines the best parts of a workout to provide a well-rounded and goal oriented exercise routine.

Circuit training has become increasingly popular with women. The reason is, that it provides a one-stop exercise session, combining cardiovascular activity, toning and resistance training in one time efficient workout.

Fitness Programs for Seniors

At She’s Fit! it is never to late to get started no matter what your age or shape, we feature a program that is the answer for you. Our fitness programs for seniors are for people with fast-paced lifestyles and overloaded schedules who say they are too busy to get fit.

During this program you perform alternating strength and stretching exercises/active rest, targeting all major muscle groups, to maximize results and recovery time. The XPress Training System does not just recommend stretching, it programs the most appropriate stretches right/active rest into the exercise session. Carefully selected stretches are performed after each strength exercise to act as an “active rest” period, speed recovery, and maximize results.

Interval Training Programs

If you have a sedentary job, think about how your body feels at end of the day.

Do you have tight muscles, an aching back, feel exhausted even though you haven’t done anything physical? Maybe your shoulders burn from tension and your head hurts from staring at a computer screen for too long.

Now, think about how your body feels after a workout. Your muscles are warm and flexible, the blood is pumping through your body, providing oxygen and energy. You feel energized, confident, proud of yourself and ready to take on the world. It’s much different, isn’t it?

Our bodies are made to move–not sit around all day and yet, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Participate in this high energy 30 minute interval training program that will get your blood flowing.

HERS (Her Exercise Results Studio)

Throughout the year She’s Fit! offers a variety of specialized, minimal cost fitness programs for women that are designed to complement and spice up your daily fitness routine. These classes focus on working your full body while concentrating on goals such as mid-section toning, increasing energy, improving strength, cardiovascular training or overall conditioning.

In our HERS fitness programs you will be working in a motivating small group environment and receiving personal attention from your Trainer which means you will achieve the results you want to see more efficiently. You will achieve maximum results in a minimum amount of time for the fraction of the price that you would pay for individual personal training.