Exercise and Wellness: Why The Two Go Hand in Hand

It’s amazing what feeling good about your health, fitness and body image does for your self-esteem and self-confidence. Exercise greatly contributes to our overall wellness as it contributes to our physical health, but also our emotional health. It is much easier to feel good about yourself when you are working towards a particular goal.

When you have a fitness goal in place, whether it’s a 2015 resolution or a sudden decision to get fit, and you stick to it, you will feel wonderful. When you begin to see results, and begin to witness yourself achieving that goal, your self-confidence sky rockets.

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Having a healthy self-confidence and high self-esteem benefits several sectors of your life: The workplace, your dating life, your emotional well-being, your career and your general sense of wellness.

Self-confidence is key when it comes to moving up in your career. Being chosen for a promotion is often tied to your tenacity, as is being chosen for a new job. Prospective employers look for that confidence and healthy sense of self in a potential candidate. Therefore, rather than predicting your wellness will improve upon receiving a promotion at work, switch your mindset into understanding that improving your sense of wellness must come first.

If you are single, you will also likely be more willing to put yourself out there in the dating world if you are feeling sexy and feeling good about your body. When you have low self-esteem caused by a poor body image, it is much more likely that you will shy away from the dating scene. A great workout the day of a date will boost your mood, ensuring that you’re in good spirits on your date and truly enjoy yourself.

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Exercise also reduces stress levels, which in turn boosts your self-esteem. When you decrease your stress levels through exercise, you feel better about yourself as a whole – not just on a fitness related level. When you start becoming more physically fit and therefore more confident, it’s as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you will begin to see that your overall stress and irritability dissipates.

If someone is irritating you and you feel as though you might lose it on him or her, take that frustration out on the treadmill instead. Exercise is a healthy way to blow off steam.

She’s fit recommends 20-60 minutes of exercise a minimum of 3-5 times per week to achieve results and maximum benefits. Aerobic exercise is a great mood-enhancer, and She’s Fit has some great group indoor fitness classes that offer this type of exercise. Stress greatly effects one’s wellness and effects emotional health, so if exercise can reduce stress it is definitely a commitment worth making. However, other obvious benefits to committing to an exercise regime are becoming physically fit, improving your body image, and increasing your confidence.

In 2015, aim to pay more attention to your well-being and give your body the commitment it deserves. Stick to an exercise regime that works for you and in no time you’ll realize the multitude of benefits that stem from that regime!

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