Can I pay upfront for 1 year?

Yes, you may upfront for a membership.  If you choose to do this a minimum of 12 months monthly payments must be paid in full.  Once the 12 months is completed your membership will continue month to month.  If you did not want the membership to continue month to month, then please follow the cancellation policies of providing the club 30 days prior to your anniversary (date of joining).

How do I cancel my membership?

The cancellation process is extremely easy. All cancellations must be done prior to 30 days of your next billing date. Notice of Cancellation must be given by a method that permits a person to prove evidence of cancellation on a specific date, including registered mail, electronic mail, or personal delivery with a receipt from the Club or on the clubs standard form with a receipt from the Club. All monies owing must be paid prior to your cancellation being finalized.

Will She’s Fit raise the price of my membership?

Our Value Priced Memberships are guaranteed at your joining rate for the duration of the term of the membership you join for. Once the minimum term of the membership is reached, then your membership rate could be subject to change (but be assured the rates will always be value priced). If you wanted to secure the monthly dues rate that you originally joined at, than you can purchase our Price For Life Plan for a onetime fee of $20.00 at the time of joining.  Price For Life Plan is a guarantee that your monthly dues will never increase as long as you remain an active member in good standing.

Will I be issued a She’s Fit membership card?

Yes, you will be issued a membership card that is individualized to your membership.  To ensure we offer our members the best security and services, all members must show and register their membership card at the front desk upon every visit. Should this membership card be lost, the member is responsible for purchasing another card at a cost $20.00 to continue access to the facility.

Can I try She’s Fit! before joining?

Yes, you can do a drop-in session at the location of your convenience for a cost of $10.00 including the applicable taxes. Should you choose to join the club within 7 days of your drop-in visit, a total value of the $10.00 drop in visit fee will be credited towards your membership purchase (this is a one time credit of the total $10.00 value for one drop in visit, multiple drop in visits (fees) will not apply for a credit).  The credit can only be applied in the club (the credit does not apply to online memberships). From time to time She's Fit! also offers limited time trial campaigns on our Social Media Sites.   We encourage you to check out our Social media sites.