The Concept

There isn’t a catch! We can do this by keeping costs low and focussing purely on fitness by removing unnecessary and expensive extras such as pool, hot tub, sauna, towel service, juice bars etc.

Exactly that! For our Regular membership plan you are obliged to pay for one month’s membership by direct debit and after that you can cancel at any time with 30 full days notice at your club location in person or by registered mail.

On our Elite and Elite Plus membership plans there is a minimum 12 month commitment. The minimum commitment on these plans allow us to economically offer the great privileges that come with these memberships. (See details of the Elite and Elite Plus plans in the membership section).

Facilities & Equipment

Of course! She’s FIT! offers over 20 FREE classes per week including Hoist Roc It, Speed Zone Circuit, Interval training, Stretch & Core and many more …

She’s FIT! also offers speciality programming such as Zumba, Boot camp, Yoga, Burlesque etc… These classes are offered during various times of the year. Members will be notified in advance through internal club marketing of these speciality programs running at their local facilities. Please note that some of the speciality programming classes are offered on a trial basis at no charge and other may be offered as an additional charge (dependent on type of program).

All members can simply call or visit your local facility to reserve a spot for any of the classes offered.

Yes, we offer a one on one appointment entailing your complete fitness assessment. Along with this we also provide group instructional classes by qualified staff in which we will show you how to operate the equipment and get a great workout. We ask that you register for your one on one and these group instructions classes at point of enrolling of your membership.

Our special pre-opening offers have limited availability, so by purchasing sooner you guarantee your membership purchase at the promotional rate. The initial fee you paid covers your enrollment fee, membership card and first month’s dues. You don’t pay anything more until the club opens.

No. We have focused on offering world class equipment at an affordable price, which has meant we have cut out unnecessary extras such a pool, sauna and fluffy towels. Why pay extra for facilities you don’t use?

Yes, personal training is available at an additional cost (cost varies dependent on the trainer you choose to work with). You can contact the Personal Trainer directly at each She’s FIT! via phone or choose to meet them in person one on one. For more information and brochures on our Personal Trainers, please inquire on your next club visit.

Our club rules state that all members must carry their own sweat towel with them at all times. We offer Certainty Wipes disinfectant, alcohol free pre-moistened wipes designed to wipe away other  germs from the equipment you are working out on daily. The wipes are thick, strong and able to stand up to vigorous use. Eliminates odors, germs and airborne chemicals with one wipe


Yes, you can do a drop-in session at the location of your convenience for a cost of $10.00 including the applicable taxes. Should you choose to join the club within 7 days of your drop-in visit, a total value of the $10.00 drop in visit fee will be credited towards your membership purchase (this is a one time credit of the total $10.00 value for one drop in visit, multiple drop in visits (fees) will not apply for a credit). The credit can only be applied in the club (the credit does not apply to online memberships).

From time to time She’s FIT! also offers limited time trial campaigns on our Social Media Sites. We encourage you to check out our Social media sites.

Yes, you will be issued a membership card that is individualized to your membership. To ensure we offer our members the best security and services, all members must show and register their membership card at the front desk upon every visit.

Should this membership card be lost, the member is responsible for purchasing another card at a cost $20.00 to continue access to the facility.

We offer Value Priced Memberships. This means that for as long as your initial membership duration, you are guaranteed your joining rate. After that term is over, your price may change—but it will always be priced for value.

Want a little more security? If you want to keep your original bi-weekly dues rate, you can purchase our Price For Life Plan for $20.00 when you join. The Price For Life Plan guarantees your bi-weekly dues will stay the same as long as you remain in good standing.

No, this is not possible. The direct debit date for monthly payments is on the first of each month for all members.

Our method of bi-weekly payment is only done through direct debit. We don’t offer a cash payment option on dues. The direct debit method allows us to practice security, efficiency and accuracy when processing bi-weekly dues payments for our members.

The cancellation process is extremely easy. All cancellations must be done prior to 30 days of your next billing date. Written notice of cancellation must be given by a method that permits a person to prove evidence of cancellation on a specific date, including registered mail, electronic mail, or personal delivery with a receipt from the club or on the clubs standard form with a receipt from the club. All monies owing must be paid prior to your cancellation being finalized.

Yes, you may pay upfront for a membership. If you choose to do this a minimum of 12 months monthly payments must be paid in full. Once the 12 months is completed your membership will continue month to month. If you did not want the membership to continue month to month, then please follow the cancellation policies of providing the club 30 days prior to your anniversary (date of joining).

Your first payment will come out on the next scheduled Wednesday after you join. This will be the ‘commencing date’ on your membership agreement.


Yes! Each She’s FIT! is well researched prior to opening. Items such as easily accessible parking for members & well lit facilities are looked after in the facility. Each one of our clubs is staffed with professional & well-trained representatives who are also doing their best to ensure club safety!