A fun, motivating, and informational
approach to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Regardless of age or fitness level, our group training and instruction classes are the perfect addition to anybody’s workout routine. Our motivating fitness instructors not only make these classes fun and exciting, they provide thorough instruction on proper technique in order for you to make the most out of your workout. From getting your heart pumping in our popular Speed Zone circuit class to improving posture and strength in our Stretch & Core class, your She's FIT! membership gives you unlimited access to a variety of different classes.

Classes we offer at She’s FIT!:

  • Speed Zone

  • Keiser XPress

  • Interval Training

  • Stretch & Core

  • Cardio Into

  • Senior Fitness Programs

Learn the proper technique and receive the guidance you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

Whether you are just getting started with a new group fitness training program or you’re looking to take it to the next level, She’s FIT! has the class for you!

Our unlimited group fitness training programs included with your membership will teach you proper technique and provide the motivation and guidance to stick with your fitness program. Come a couple of times at the beginning to learn the basics or join us regularly each week — we would love to see you there and get to know you!

All new fitness center members are given a quick orientation before they participate in the class. At this time, you have the opportunity to go through all of the basic moves. All regular members who may be experienced exercisers will also find our group fitness training programs useful as you will receive pointers regarding each of the individual exercises, along with suggestions about how you may be able to modify different movements to best suit your own style of exercise.

Group Fitness Training Vancouver Area

Our Group Fitness Training Programs include:

Speed Zone

By far our most popular fitness class! Learn how to do our 30-minute circuit and get a motivating, energetic, and fun weight training and cardio workout each time.

Keiser XPress

This is a safe, effective, and convenient weight training program which will increase your general fitness and address a range of fitness needs.

Interval Training

A high-energy cardiovascular fitness training class that will get your blood flowing.

Stretch & Core

Enhance posture, improve core strength, and increase flexibility with this class. A 30-minute core-focused workout that will truly develop strength in your midsection.

Cardio Intro

Learn how to use our state-of-the-art Precor Cardio equipment and start your fitness training on the right foot.

Seniors Fitness Programs

Our senior fitness programs allow you to target all muscle groups, minimize recovery time, and maximize results by alternating stretching and strength exercises with active rest.

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