She’s FIT! Keiser

The Keiser Circuit gives you smooth, safe exercises that build strength. It is designed for effective use by everyone from beginners to seasoned weight trainers.

What is the Keiser Circuit?

Developed to free users from the need for cables, plates, and pins, the air pressured Keiser Circuit equipment offers smooth, independent strength building options. The She’s FIT! Keiser class helps members master the right stretching and strength building techniques, providing a strong foundation for success.

How are Keiser sessions different?

These classes are characterized by consistent instruction for members on each piece of equipment leading to the appropriate muscle group stretch for the highlighted area. With Keiser equipment, you get simplicity plus better control as you adjust your movements to suit your body and goals. These machines are the height of individualized training, allowing users to decrease or increase resistance provided by the compressed air pound by pound.

Who can take Keiser Circuit class?

Anyone. The Keiser circuit is ideal for every body and fitness level because it is so specific. It also provides beginners with expert instruction on technique and form, while maximizing benefits and minimizing risk. Whether you’re an old pro or a newbie, a young, healthy person or someone with joint issues and injuries, the Keiser gives you the full benefit of strength training. This technology helps you lose weight, increase strength and power, increase bone density, and improve mobility and stability safely. It also covers flexibility—something many classes and even experienced strength trainers overlook.

Whether you are short on time, focused on your results, seeking weight loss, hoping to achieve a higher level of fitness, or just a beginner, the Keiser program is ideal for you.

Keiser Circuit class

Benefits of Keiser

What makes this circuit different is air technology:

  • Challenging for advanced weight trainers
  • Reliable equipment, with over 30 years of proven success
  • Easy to adjust and control resistance
  • Individualized progress with even tiny increments of change, one pound at a time




  • Flexibility built into the circuit
  • Protective of joints and connective tissues
  • Improved flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduced likelihood of soreness and recovery time