She’s FIT! Speed Zone

There are some excellent reasons for the recent popularity of circuit training routines, especially for women. Circuit training provides you with more health and fitness benefits in less time, and functions as a one-stop source of exercise. It combines resistance training, toning, and cardiovascular activity in one explosive workout.

Dramatically better your fitness level as you execute a variety of exercises in a fast-paced rotation. You’ll stay moving with minimal breaks between active periods. And if you just need a little more rest, take 10 seconds to recharge by walking around if you absolutely must. Intense? Yes! Do-able? Definitely!

The goal is to keep moving throughout the class in order to achieve optimal results.

Everyone can benefit from our Speed Zone circuit training program! Whatever your fitness level, you will work at your own pace, intensity and resistance. Contact us today to learn more or to sign up for a class!