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In what we feel is the biggest shake up of the fitness industry in B.C. in the last 20 years, our value priced health club chain, “She’s Fit!” & coed clubs “Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness” , has started a revolution to make fitness more accessible to everyone. Our survey results of years past revealed the biggest barrier to joining a health club were high membership fees, fixed contracts and the perception that you must be fit to go to a health club. Removing these barriers with “no contract” and “low monthly fees” as well as monitoring our clubs for the things that make the average person uncomfortable in the fitness/health club environment we have gone to great lengths to remove these barriers making our clubs more accessible to everyone. By doing this we feel that we can be a large part in helping more people lessen the very discouraging statistics that are now out there for example…

– The economic cost to the government of Canada is estimated at $7.1 billion when based on 18 chronic diseases linked to obesity. Current statistics in Canada from the public health agency of Canada is that one in four canadians are considered obese. The two largest factors being exercise and diet.

– Canadian statistics have revealed that over 1/3 rd of our population managed less than 3 – 20 minute workouts or 60 minutes of exercise a week thus leading to Coronary Heart Disease due to lack of exercise. Approximately 37% of coronary heart disease deaths were attributed to lack of physical exercise (compared with 19% tobacco & 13% high blood pressure). Statistics like these can only support the need for an affordable and non-intimidating health club atmosphere, encouraging those who want to or need to exercise.

– Our own suveys revealed that 58% of people said protecting their long term health and preventing diseases in later life would motivate them to do more exercise, so we know the desire is there. By breaking down barriers to fitness we aim to encourage those who have never exercised before in particulat those over the age of 35 and providing an affordable and flexible opption for those who do.

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