Health Guard Wellness Screening System

Measurements Include

  • Complete Body Composition
    •  Body Fat Percent
    •  Total Fat Mass
    •  Reserve Fat
    •  Excess Fat
    •  Total Lean Mass
    •  Basal Metabolic Rate
    •  Total Body Water
    •  Body Mass Index
    •  Weight
    •  Blood Pressure (Systolic & Diastolic)
    •  Pulse Rate

    The patented Blood Pressure Cuff automatically adjusts to the size of the arm, the same way as cuffs used by medical professionals, to accurately measure blood pressure and pulse rate.

While blood pressure has always been considered to be a key indicator of wellness, increased body fat is now contributing to a host of new concerns … including elevated blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and certain forms of cancer.
She's FIT! Health Guard revolutionary system is the first Health & Wellness screening system to combine truly non-invasive body composition analysis with accurate blood pressure and heart rate measurement.

The Advantages

This provides equal accuracy on all arm sizes and is also comfortable to wear. Along with accurate blood pressure reading, Health Guard performs a simultaneous measurement of body fat percent. During the blood pressure measurement, harmless near infrared light is transmitted into the triceps of the arm. Fat absorbs the light, while lean mass reflects light back into the sensor to measure percent body fat.

Provides valuable wellness information in the same time that it takes to measure blood pressure.

Benefits Of Starting Your Health & Journey with A Fitness Assessment

  •  Defines your starting point
  •  Will provide a benchmark by which to measure your success
  •  Allows you to determine your results in detail
  •  Highlight your strengths and weaknesses – demonstrates what you should prioritize
  •  Will help you to set realistic, specific, measurable and achievable goals
  •  See what you are really made of! Weighing yourself on the scale alone does not tell you if you are healthy
  •  The Fitness Assessment can sometimes be a much needed Reality Check for a lot of clients
  •  The results of the Fitness Assessment provides info on all aspects of your health profile so you can get a full picture and will allow us to direct you with the right fitness program to suit you

The Results

She's FIT! Health Guard displays the results in an easy to understand format that shows where your blood pressure is rated.
As the blood pressure is being measured, the Health Guard sends a safe, near-infrared light beam into the arm at specific wavelengths that fat will absorb and lean mass will reflect.