Powering through North Delta Gyms: Staying Motivated While Losing Weight

Danielle Bradbery’s victory wasn’t the only thing that astonished the world in The Voice last June 18. Christina Aguilera dazzled everyone as she shared a performance with Pitbull, sporting her newly-trimmed figure after struggling with weight loss for the past few years. According to her, sticking to a diet plan, along with rigorous exercise, got her through the tough climb.

You don’t need to be a star nor even rich to have a fit, healthy body. A regular routine of exercise in one of the excellent North Delta gyms in British Columbia, along with the appropriate diet regimen, could bring you closer to that hourglass figure you’ve always wanted. As much as it did for Christina, what one would need more than anything is the motivation to get fueled up enough to keep on one’s diet and exercise regimen for as long as it takes.

Turn Negativity into Fuel

Think about motivation as the fuel to carry you through your goal of physical fitness; now think of criticisms, judgments, and negative comments about your figure as the raw materials for this fuel. By turning negativity into a positive motivating force, you can drive right to your goal faster than when you see negativity as roadblocks or excuses for ending your quest. Christina, in multiple interviews, had repeatedly stressed that her critics became a source of motivation.

Keep Positivity Close

It’s also quite plausible for some sources to claim that Christina’s new boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, may have been another driving force in her weight loss. It may very well be, but whether it’s a romantic attachment or not, chances are that there will be someone close to you who can keep you motivated in some way. Keep this person close by so that anytime you contemplate quitting, you’ll know where to turn to help refuel your engine.

Listen to Music

A particular study by the North American Association for the Study of Obesity found that listening to music while working out can help one stick with her weight loss program better. Far from a distraction, music can be a powerful motivational force you can add to the party. The next time you head to your local North Delta health club, strap on your earphones and let the rhythm get you in the groove.

Besides rigorous exercise, Christina also kept up a diet regimen in which she restricted her food intake to 1,600 calories a day. There are many gyms in British Columbia, such as She’s Fit!, that incorporate customized exercise and diet programs for weight loss. Whatever might be your motivation of choice, remember one thing: get fueled up! Even a little at a time counts when you’re focused on just working it out till you get to where you need to be.

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