Seeing Through the Trappings: How A Reputable Surrey Gym Can Help You Avoid the Health Halo Phenomenon

A recent study reveals that the “health halo” eating phenomenon manifests itself when one eats unhealthy food items topped with what are perceived to be wholesome ingredients, believing then that the food item has become healthy. As reported by Misty Harris in, a study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology found that people tend to underestimate the calorie content of foods with an unhealthy base, such as cake or ice cream, when paired with something healthy such as fruits or low-fat substitutes. The term “health halo” refers to the positive bias people generally have toward unhealthy food when it is presented to have one or more healthy attributes.

Surrey GymExperts believe the tendency to sanctify unhealthy food this way is unconscious, as diners who eat this food actually believing it has become healthy. Anyone can, therefore, fall victim to this phenomenon, something which may be avoided through a lifestyle dedicated to fitness. Admittedly, it is not easy to commit to such a lifestyle, but an institution as accessible as a reputable Surrey gym can offer all the support you may need to achieve these goals.

Health halo food traps can come in many guises. In her report, Ms. Harris cites other studies demonstrating this phenomenon, such as one where the research volunteers consumed larger quantities of low-fat M&M’s than regular M&M’s, believing the former was healthier. Another study found that people who frequented sandwich chains as opposed to fast food chains are likely to order more drinks and desserts when they believed they’ve had a healthy entree.

Wholesome food attributes, in other words, can deceive one into underestimating total calorie intake. This can actually harm the efforts of someone trying to lose weight through diet and exercise. For a weight-loss regimen to be effective, increased physical activity has to be complemented with correct diet.

Joining a health club in Surrey can help weight-watchers be more aware of their calorie intake. These clubs offer more than just a suitable venue for workouts. Reputable ones such as She’s Fit! are equipped with trainers who can devise an entire program and meal plan to help boost weight loss efforts.

As people become more conscious about what they eat, some food companies correspondingly spring health halo traps upon unsuspecting consumers. As stated in Ms. Harris’ report, psychologists say people gravitate toward foods which are immediately gratifying, and often justify the consumption of unhealthy foods when these are masked by more nutritious ingredients. With the right discipline and the support of knowledgeable fitness experts, one can stay away from these deadly food traps.