Get and stay fit to reduce the risk of cancer

In honor of Worldwide Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have a few words about how and why getting and staying fit is so critical to preventing cancer—and fighting it, too. Here are the details concerning how exercise impacts your cancer risk, how the body fights cancer, and which exercises are best in the fight against this deadly killer. The link between exercise and cancer Researchers have proven that there is a link between regular exercise and a lower risk for breast cancer—both first time diagnoses and recurring breast cancer. Exercise also reduces your risk of other cancers, including colon cancer, lung cancer, and uterine cancer. That's why the Canadian Cancer Society and most doctors recommend that all women, including those who have already received a breast cancer diagnosis, exercise regularly. For most healthy women that means working out at a moderate intensity level for between four to six hours each week. Doctors have also discovered that it's important to keep on exercising in order to reap these cancer prevention benefits. This is true across the board among women of different races, sizes, and ages. In other words, once you stop your commitment to staying fit, you cease to enjoy those amazing health and risk-reducing benefits.   Exercise makes traditional cancer treatments and prevention strategies more effective Maintaining a healthy weight helps in the fight against breast cancer. People with BMIs over 25 have a higher risk of first time diagnoses of breast cancer, and also of recurrences of breast cancer. This is because fat cells make and

Every Woman’s Guide to Training for a Run: Part One

Have you always secretly wanted to run a 5K—but felt too scared to try? Or are you an experienced runner hoping to take your marathoning ways to the next level? Or maybe you're somewhere in the middle; you've done a 5K or a 10K, but you're not quite sure about training for a full marathon? We've got you covered with our Every Woman's Guide. Here you'll find our training tips for every woman's fitness level. For She's Fit members, fitness is a way of life and takes place both inside and outside the gym. Here's how we recommend you get ready to run, no matter who you are.   A special word about marathons Any run from the 5K to the ultra marathon demands special training. However, when it comes to marathons (and anything longer), you really need to be sure you're getting the right training in, and that you're doing enough to get yourself ready. In general, even seasoned runners train for marathons for 16 to 20 weeks, running three to five times or more during every one of those weeks. Ideally you should have a solid base of running under your belt before attempting a marathon—say, three to six months of consistent running, at least three to five times each week. Running six miles at a time should feel comfortable to you, and hopefully you will have finished several 5K races already. These things only matter because going from nothing to marathon increases your chances of having a bad experience, including being injured. No

5 exercises to eliminate back pain for good

With many of sitting rigid at work all day, it’s no wonder chronic back pain is on the rise. Frustratingly enough, chronic back pain can develop even in those who lead very active lifestyles (specifically in those who lift.) While medication, massage and heating pads can help temporarily ease lower back pain, it’s regular stretching of the back extensors and core stabilizers that will go a long way in preventing and easing chronic back pain. We’ve outlined 5 exercises that will help bring relief and eliminate back pain for good: Spinal Twist Spinal twists are easy and effective and even better, they’re a relaxing way to decompress your back and spine after a particularly tense day or workout. This exercise helps stretch the back muscles, lengthen and realign the spine and strengthen the abdominal muscles. (Those with back injuries should only perform this stretch with an experienced instructor or healthcare professional.) Instructions: Lie on your back with your arms by your side. Your knees should be bent and your feet flat on the floor. Bring your left knee to your chest and place your left arm straight out to the side beside you. Slowly let your left leg fall over the right side of the body, making sure to keep your spine aligned with the ground. Turn you head to the left as you steadily breathe in and out. Hold for 10 breaths then repeat this pose on the opposite side. Back Extensions Back extensions are a fantastic way to strengthen the lower back and prevent

The 6 best pre and post workout juices for you

It’s important to fuel up on the right nutrients before and after an intense workout in order to give your body the power and energy it needs to perform and recover. Green juices are the best pre-workout drinks because not only do they improve respiratory function and increase blood count, they also help to reduce inflammation brought on by the physical demands of your workout. The best post-workout drinks are those that hydrate and replenish your body with lost electrolytes and energy. We’ve found 6 healthy and delicious juices for you to try out the next time you work out. Believe us when we say you’ll be wanting seconds! Minty Apple and Kale Juice Why it’s good for you: The nutrients in kale help kickstart your metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout your workout. Kale also has very high amounts of fiber, which helps satisfy your appetite and keep you from snacking on high-sugar foods throughout the day. The apple in this juice is an added bonus, providing you with extra fiber and assisting in regulating your blood sugar. Ingredients: 6 kale leaves 1 cucumber 1 green apple A few chunks of pineapple A couple of mint leaves 1 lime with peel   Fresh Spinach Juice Why it’s good for you: Spinach is a super food, packing tons of amazing nutrients to nourish your body and mind. Among the top nutrients in spinach is iron, which plays a huge role in the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract. Spinach is also a great source of magnesium,

The Benefits Of Being Physically Active

Improve your lifestyle with a membership to She's FIT! Purchasing a gym membership could be one the very best way to help you achieve healthy lifestyle goals. Choosing and the joining the right gym for you, can make a huge difference in your workout experience. Below are 3 incredible benefits to exercising at a gym on a regular basis. Space and Equipment Our gym contains a variety of equipment allowing you to perform precise muscle workouts. This allows you to focus on your upper body one day, mid-section the next, and lower body another day, or a combination. Plus the variety of equipment is incredible, from an elliptical to stair-climbers, to dumbbells and much more. By having ample space to proper use each machine, and perform each exercise in your workout routine, you are more likely to see better results. The equipment the gym is set up so that is something for someone of every fitness level. Plus there will be trained workers there around you at the gym, just in case you need help or an explanation on how to use a machine. The Social Atmosphere When you’re at the gym you are surrounded by other people trying to better themselves too. You can even check our classes schedule if you wanted to take a class, some may even be included in your membership. Working out with other people, and having the ability to socialize with other while visiting the gym can be a tremendous motivational factor. When working out with a in a group setting,