Get More Cardio the Next Time you Workout at a Nearby Metrotown Gym

Residents of Burnaby, British Columbia who want to lose weight may want to double down on cardio or aerobic exercises to achieve better results. Aerobic exercises are relatively lightweight,  and designed to increase the body's need for oxygen. A reputable Metrotown gym, like She's Fit, offers several options for cardio exercises to help you win the battle of the bulge. A December 2012 article on CNN Health reported on a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, which showed that aerobic exercise is more effective for short-term weight loss compared to lifting weights. The study was designed by scientists from Duke University Medical Center who wanted to find out exactly what type of workout routine would be more effective for weight loss. Over 200 overweight, middle-aged adult participants with no diabetes were assigned to one of three exercise routines. The first group stuck to 133 minutes of cardio exercises each week. The second group did more weight lifting, while the third group combined both cardio and weight training. It is widely believed that one can burn more calories by increasing muscle mass, since the body naturally uses up more calories to maintain a kilo of muscle compared to a kilo of fat. Ergo, by building muscle, people can boost their metabolism and thereby burn more calories. The results of the study proved quite astonishing in that the number of calories burned as a result of mere muscle gain was not that spectacular as far as weight loss was concerned. Meanwhile, the third

Why Does Working Out In A Gym Increase Weight Loss?

Did you ever ask yourself, “ Why does working out in a gym increase weight loss?” First and foremost, it is easier to stay motivated with the encouragement that you will receive from other gym members. They will complement you during your transition and make you feel welcome.  Secondly, you could also hire a personal trainer who has the best techniques to help you stay motivated during your sessions at the gym.  The trainer will also provide you with a routine that will help you increase your weight loss while working out. Working out in a gym has many benefits to increase your weight loss. For instance, no matter what the temperature is outside (rain, snow or an extreme heat wave), you will always have the comforts of a stable room temperature. This stability of temperature helps you to continue training without any delay and increases your ability to maintain your regular gym routine, and this alone will help increase your weight loss. As the old saying goes about procrastination, “ there is no better day then the present day to do what you need to do” When you join a gym you can do so with the knowledge; if you move your body more frequently then you did in the previous days before you joined without even changing a thing in your eating habits, you will still have a chance to lose weight. Just imagine the success you will have with your weight loss if you follow a good eating plan and work