Get More Cardio the Next Time you Workout at a Nearby Metrotown Gym

Residents of Burnaby, British Columbia who want to lose weight may want to double down on cardio or aerobic exercises to achieve better results. Aerobic exercises are relatively lightweight,  and designed to increase the body's need for oxygen. A reputable Metrotown gym, like She's Fit, offers several options for cardio exercises to help you win the battle of the bulge. A December 2012 article on CNN Health reported on a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, which showed that aerobic exercise is more effective for short-term weight loss compared to lifting weights. The study was designed by scientists from Duke University Medical Center who wanted to find out exactly what type of workout routine would be more effective for weight loss. Over 200 overweight, middle-aged adult participants with no diabetes were assigned to one of three exercise routines. The first group stuck to 133 minutes of cardio exercises each week. The second group did more weight lifting, while the third group combined both cardio and weight training. It is widely believed that one can burn more calories by increasing muscle mass, since the body naturally uses up more calories to maintain a kilo of muscle compared to a kilo of fat. Ergo, by building muscle, people can boost their metabolism and thereby burn more calories. The results of the study proved quite astonishing in that the number of calories burned as a result of mere muscle gain was not that spectacular as far as weight loss was concerned. Meanwhile, the third

Pregnancy and Obesity: The Importance of Visiting Your Metrotown Gym Before Conceiving

Associated Press writer Lauran Neergaard, in her article published by the Vancouver Sun, reports on the recent findings of Canadian researchers citing the relationship between obese mothers and the children born to them before and after weight loss surgery. According to the study, a child is more likely to become obese when the mother herself is obese at childbirth. Here's the surprising discovery, though: if the same mother were to undergo obesity surgery in order to lose weight, the child's own obesity-related genes can behave differently in more positive ways. Obesity surgery, however, for all its promise, is a far expensive solution for expectant mothers who are ready for a change. For all practical purposes, going all-out with your exercise regimen might be your next best bet at losing weight. Obese or not, exercise and a balanced diet are two invariable elements in achieving total health and fitness – techniques that Metrotown gym trainers, such as those you'll find at She's Fit!, can help anyone with. The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, involved children from the same family—those conceived after the mother has had weight loss-related surgery, and those born before it. The study suggests that children born after their mother had undergone weight loss surgery turn out leaner than their siblings who were born before the surgery. It's also been found that the former carried fewer risks of obesity-related conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. These studies all but seem to