Trusting Fitness Experts to Design Rational Diets for Weight Reduction

Kerry Grens of Reuters reported back in June about the results of a study conducted by Dr. Kari Johansson and her team at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. The study revealed that quick weight loss related to extreme caloric restriction can dramatically impact the salt and cholesterol composition of bile as well as the functions of the gallbladder. These scenarios can ultimately lead to gallstones. Half of the 6,640 dieters who participated in the study went on crash diets, while the other half went on low-calorie diets. Crash diets are characterized by severely restricted caloric intake; while low-calorie diets consist of smaller portions of calorie-rich foods. To steer clear of possible health risks, dieters and weight-watchers may want to sign up at a reputable Chilliwack gym that offers a personalized nutrition diet plan which prioritizes one's health over rapid weight loss. In Dr. Johansson's study, the crash dieters consumed liquid meals amounting to 500 calories per day. This weight loss plan lasted anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks, followed by a nine-month weight maintenance program that included exercise and healthy eating. Since most maintenance weight programs are designed for the general population, someone who is seriously striving to lose weight is likely to achieve better results with a personalized program offered at trusted fitness centers like She's Fit! Meanwhile, Grens reported that while the crash dieters lost at least 30 pounds within the first three months of the program, 48 of them ultimately developed gallstones. Interestingly, the group of dieters who went on