Top Workouts for Women In 2015

We all know that although all women may have been created equal, we’re not all the same. Which workout is best depends on our lifestyle, needs, fitness level, goals, and tastes. We can’t give you one best workout for women, but here are a number of awesome options for different women. Choose a few and see which you like best!



Best Workout for the Starving Student: Body Weight Training

This is the American College for Sports Medicine’s top pick for 2015: old-fashioned body weight training. Lunges, planks, pull-ups, push-ups, squats; these exercises juxtapose the weight of your body against gravity to get your heart pumping by working your biggest muscles. You don’t need any equipment so there’s no outlay of money, and this kind of workout is really effective.

Best Workout for the Single Mom: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

The number one problem for the single mom? No time. The number one workout solution for no time? HIIT programs! HIIT programs are incredibly powerful. They alternate short bursts of high-intensity activity with recovery periods. They are effective and popular. People are going to keep doing HIIT because it works, and it works in as little as a few insane minutes at a time.

Best Workout for the CEO: Hit the Gym With an Edge

CEOs and high-power executives seek out expertise to ensure that they have information and skill at hand as they need it; it’s not surprising that they would seek out expert assistance at the gym, too. And the ACSM points out that working out with personal trainers is on the rise. Women in powerful positions are used to looking for data-driven solutions, and someone who has the experience to back up their program and understands the science behind the workout is going to be appealing. Powerful women want trainers who can add value to their workout!

Best Workout for the Woman With Experience: Strength Training

As we age, strength training becomes even more important to good health. It helps us prevent osteoporosis, fights fatigue, helps curb pain from diseases like arthritis, and improves energy levels. Any complete exercise program offers a three-pronged plan featuring strength training along with flexibility and aerobic exercise, and for women who aren’t thirty-something anymore, strength training is especially crucial—not to mention fun!

Best Workout for the Woman Under Pressure: Yoga

There’s no doubt that yoga is one of the best bets out there for almost any body type. If you enjoy it and can find a good place to practice that fits into your schedule and budget you’re in great shape, literally and figuratively.

Best Workout for the Jock: Run With It


If you’re an athlete you can probably think of a million ways to workout, but don’t forget about running. You can do it in the stairwell at work, around the block at home, or just about anywhere. You don’t need equipment other than some decent shoes (and a sportsbra). And you can get great benefits running just a few times a week.


Best Workout for the Swingin’ Single: Dancing


For the single ladies out there: step out onto the floor for the rest of us! A night of dancing is a great workout, and if you love to dance, ballet classes, Zumba, or even pole dancing studios are popping up all over to give you all kinds of fun alternatives.


So there you have it: our take on the seven best workouts for women in 2015! Why not try them all and tell us what you think?