Healthy Transformations

There Is Another Way!

Healthy Transformations was created just for She’s FIT! and Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness clients. It is a comprehensive program which teaches you precisely how, when, what, and why to exercise and eat to achieve weight loss that is healthy and sustainable. This individualized exercise and meal plan is the safest and quickest way to melt off body fat and replace it with lean muscle tone.

How Does It Work?

First you meet your certified Healthy Transformations Coach. She or he analyses your exercise and eating habits to find each problem area that is holding you back. The evaluation gives your coach the data needed to personalize a complete exercise and nutrition plan to help you meet your specific fitness goals. So much more than weight loss, Healthy Transformations allows you to reprogram your mind and body for lifelong maintenance of a healthy weight and good health.

Your Diet Plan From Healthy Transformations Has Everything You Need to Succeed:

  • Start out right. Your Starter booklet gives you all of the details you’ll need and helps you understand your path to wellness and weight loss.
  • Leave the planning to us. For your program, we create a meal plan for an entire year—the customized route you’ll need to lose weight. The plan takes your age, body fat percentage, food preferences, gender, goals, and starting weight into account, leaving you with the ideal path for your weight loss journey.
  • Handy tools that help you succeed. We provide you with a shopping list—there’s nothing to figure out or calculate. This list of ingredients makes your shopping a breeze and can be daily, weekly, or on whatever schedule works for you.
  • Track your progress. We give you a journal so you can keep a handle on your daily nutrition and exercise.
  • Food you’ll love. Our Healthy Transformations recipes are delicious and easy for even a novice to prepare. And we know you’re going to love these meals, because they were created just for you-with your tastes in mind. We even give you dessert options for when you’re craving something sweet, and fast food options for those days that find you on the run.
  • We’re in your corner! The program provides you with coaching, both online and in your club. This way you can get all of the encouragement, motivation, and guidance you need to stick to your program. You’re never alone!
  • No more messy paperwork. We give you online access to your entire program and all the information you need.

You’re out of excuses! Get ready to ditch your destructive habits and transform your health and body. Contact a representative at your club today!

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If you’ve ever been on a weight loss diet  with reduced calories, carbohydrates, dietary fat and/or the number of meals you’ve become accustomed to eating throughout the day in an effort to achieve your weight loss goals, you were likely successful . . . at least in the beginning!

Unfortunately, this quick-fix approach to weight loss is short term. It’s results are temporary, and eventually you will gain it all back again and then some; welcome to “YO-YO Dieting”! A 60-billion-dollar-a-year industry fueled by false concepts, quick-fix mind-sets and misleading testimonials! Think about it; if it were as easy as just reducing calories, we would all look the way we want to.

This meal plan will work for anyone depending on that persons individual goals, to think and want to gain weight by adding muscle it will do that for you also, it all depends on the information that you give your coach.

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