Working Out at a North Vancouver Gym Today? Watch What you Eat After

Have you ever noticed that despite working out for several hours a week at a North Vancouver gym, for example, you’re still a couple of kilos overweight? Perhaps the problem has less to do with the duration or intensity of your workouts than with the type of food you eat afterward. According to a Huffington Post UK article, many people either reward themselves with the wrong kinds of food or underestimate the number of calories they consume.

Weight loss expert Dr Khandee Ahnaimugan says that while you might burn 300 calories after a 3-mile run, it will all be in vain if you drink a large latte with 350 calories. You therefore need to strike the right balance between nutrition and exercise if you truly want to lose weight. By creating a calorie deficit, i.e., consuming fewer calories than your body needs, you can shed off those excess pounds and bust cellulite.

For instance, if you want to reward yourself with a pizza, then you need to spend an extra hour on the spin cycle simply to cancel out the calories. As disclosed by the Daily Mail and Critical Bench, one Big Mac (560 calories) requires fifty minutes of running; a 201-calorie serving of ice cream may set you back by eighteen minutes of running; and a single piece of Godiva chocolate (110 calories) calls for ten minutes of running. To maximize weight loss, why not approach a fitness coach at gyms like She’s Fit! who can create a custom meal plan with lots of healthy and tasty options?

It also appears that by being conscious about the amount of exercise needed to burn off excess calories, weight watchers can keep off unwanted pounds. A new study conducted by Texas Christian University says that seeing the number of calories listed on the menu will not affect a consumer’s decision to order certain types of food. However, the more consumers are aware of the number of minutes they need to exercise to burn off calories, the more likely they are to pick low-calorie options.

The need to treat yourself after working out is very tempting. To avoid feeling deprived yet stay on track, you can opt for foods that are healthier yet no less satisfying. To this end, the Huffington Post article quotes a celebrity trainer and another fitness expert who remind readers to consume lean, protein-rich foods (such as fish, chicken, eggs, and pulses) within 90 minutes after working out to sustain muscle gain and the body’s fat-burning momentum.

You can also sign up at a health club in North Vancouver like She’s Fit! where a fitness coach can create a customized program that strikes the right balance between nutrition and exercise. Before you know it, those extra kilos will be gone and you’ll soon get the trim figure you’ve always dreamed of.

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